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IT Consulting Since 2014

The company was founded in 2014 having as main activity the provision of IT services, IT solutions, IT consulting for small and medium enterprises.
IT services offered are guaranteed by the team TCTECH Consulting, being able to manage every aspect of the IT & C, network infrastructure, purchasing hardware, IT consulting, technical support, web design, telephone, software, solutions, personalized service delivery Internet and voice.
Technical Assistant – Computer Technical Support – Computer Network Maintenance – Computer Service TCE Consulting provides IT technical support services that are addressed to small and medium enterprises which have their own IT department. Your technology needs to be as flexible as your business, so we developed our à la carte IT support program.
The à la carte program allows you to customize your support and service needs directly related to your critical business services, all at a cost effective price.

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What we promise high quality IT Services

Your internal IT staff, either part or full time, needs to protect your infrastructure from viruses, backup your business critical data, and prevent spam from entering your e-mail system all for a fair price. When overwhelmed with work and in short supply of a specific expertise, your staff can turn to us for help.
This offering allows you to select individual services or tools that meet specific needs within your business, rent them from us and pay monthly.
Also addressing envelopes and large companies that want to outsources computer network service to a team experienced in IT & C services.


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Optimize your company’s performance and IT security with Tctech SmallBusiness

Become GDPR compliant within IT security requirements

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We update your devices automatically, spot suspicious network traffic and keep everyone at your office safe. We can remotely install applications and monitor continuously your IT so that we can fix the problems before they even start.

An IT environment always working and maintained will increase productivity and you will get happier employees.employees.

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